Written by Daniel McNeal and illustrated by Charlie “FAB” Goubile, Corsairs is a story about a crew of rebel space pirates from poverty stricken colonies, who are forced to rob and steal for their own survival!

I’ve previously reviewed Goubile’s work in BLACKBIRD: GROWING PAINS, which I enjoyed. This time around, with his partner McNeal, he’s moved from the Urban Jungle to far beyond the stars, with this tale set in the far future, where various alien civilizations have joined with humans to form the United Space Colonies, with it’s stellar army that maintains order in the cosmos. We’re introduced to our protagonists, Larue, a space-pirate, and Captain of her own ship, THAT HAMMERHEAD, and her faithful crew of fellow pirates: humans Qieuball & Torque, aliens Sumah, Kahth, Yve, & Doc, and W.I.D.G.E.T., and android. The opening 27 page story shows the crew intercepting and raiding a United Colony freight ship, giving us an idea of how well this crew works together and how they relate to one another, followed a secret meeting aboard a United Colonies ship, where a young Lieutenant, Kendall Ramsey, has just been given the assignment to track down Larue and her crew, and bring them to justice.

It’s an exciting story, that makes me want to read more, with great art b Goubile. In addition to the story, there are fact-sheet giving info on each crew member, and an interview with the creators by Robert Jeffrey II (of Daddy’s Little Girl and Route 3) where they explain the concept behind the book and how it developed (basically, they each grew up loving Star Trek and Star Wars and wanted to do their own space-faring adventure series). Together they’ve put together this neat little package, which I enjoyed immensely.


Corsairs Prologue can be purchased for $10 on Indy Planet.

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