I noticed that my blog reviewing THE MANY ADVENTURES OF MIRANDA MERCURY: TIME RUNS OUT, the most excellent 176-page Hardcover collection by writer Brandon Thomas and artist Lee Ferguson, as been getting many new hits lately. This appears to be the result of the book being featuring on a couple of new blogs recently, 13 Comics To Read in 2013- Chacebook Edition and 13 Comics to Read in 2013- Indy Edition. I am rather glad to see this, as I have been pumping up this books for years now, and am glad to see it getting more recognition. Both blogs give it very high ratings, which it deserves. It has also been pointed out that the collection is available for purchase as a digital download via Comixology for only $9.99. Well, that is fantastic. As I’ve stated in WHY I LOVE READING COMIC-BOOKS ON MY IPAD I am now officially converted to being a digital reader, and prefer to get all my comic-books that way, and think the ease of access to material that digital provides can help open up the hobby of comic-books to a bigger audience. And as for this book, now those fans who may have been interested in it but were hesitant to make the purchase based on the high price (believe me, I understand, we’re in a recession), have a much cheaper alternative.

But wait, there’s more!

As I was looking through that link on Comixology, I noticed that they also have The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury available as single issues! As I said in my review, the premise of the Hardcover is that the title was an ongoing series, that lasted 300 issues, and this collecting the final arc that took place in issue #’s 295-300. Well, issue #295 was released in print several years before, but the original publisher went down, and so it wasn’t continued, but this is what prompted Thomas and Ferguson to continue the series as an original graphic novel. Well, I don’t know when this happened, but now all six issues are available individually, with #296-300 being only $1.99 ea. But, here’s the kicker, the first issue, #295, is free! That’s right, FREE! Just click right here: and in less than a minute, you’ll be able to read the full 28-page story of sci-fi/action awesomeness on your PC, Laptop, or Tablet!

So if you’re still hesitating about picking up this collection, now you can read this issue for free, to see for yourself if you want to purchase either the full collection of the remaining 5 issues (either way, it works out to about the same price, but I still recommend the full collection because it has extra-content, including two extra issues). And the great thing about #295 is that despite it being the opening of a larger arc (Miranda trying to find a cure for the disease that’s killing her), the comic still stands on its own as a single-issue story (Miranda and her partner, Jack, attempt to stop an alien crime lord from finding a powerful genie). So take my advice, comic-fans, and GET IT!

UpdateD to Add: And here’s an interview with Brandon Thomas, talking about the creation of Miranda Mercury, conducted by William Satterwhite, who has a webcomic called STEALTH with you should also check out:



  1. May 19, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    One of my favorite comics!


    • May 19, 2013 at 9:28 AM

      Mine too! And, thankfully, Brandon Thomas says they’re working on a follow-up!


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