Written by Brandon Easton
Drawn by JJBR
Published by Lion Forge Comics

I picked this up on a recommendation, I was intrigued by the fact that it is created by Flex Alexander, an actor best known for starring in shows like One on One and, uh, Homeboys In Outer Space. He’s enlisted Brandon Easton, whose book SHADOWLAW I’ve reviewed before, to write this series. And Easton writes the story that introduces us to David Joshua, a computer hacker who, for a price, will covertly wipe out your financial debts (I could use his services right now…). This is, of course, highly illegal, which is complicated by the fact that David is dating a woman named Sherry Dubois, who just so happens to be training to become a police officer. Sherry hates what David does and tries to talk him to giving it up and getting a real job, but he refuses. Things take a nasty turn when a new hacking job lands him in the sites of a mysterious group of men who, earlier in the issue, we saw kill another computer hacker for snooping around where he shouldn’t have, and now David is on their list, and they proceed to blow the heck out of his apartment, with him still inside it. TO BE CONTINUED.

The story is 25 pages, but zips by pretty fast, which is impressive since it’s heavy on dialog for most of the story, but Easton’s writing keeps the flow going naturally. JJBR’s art (colored by Sai Studios) is decent, but a little rough. There’s room for some improvement in that area, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the story. I’d recommend this comic, if you like action-thrillers and mysteries.


The Joshua Run #1 is available for your Kindle or iPad on Amazon

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