As I type this its about 10 minutes away from the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t watch this film from the beginning, I only started a few years ago when it began airing in syndication. A local station started playing it Mon-Fri at 7pm, and I began watching it and quickly became hooked. It’s an interesting premise. But it’s definitely gone on too long. This is a show that should have last like 4 seasons. 5 seasons tops. All the close-calls where Ted was just about to meet the mother, started to get annoying. And the thing is, by dragging it out it ended up making Ted, the titular star of the show, the least-interesting member, because he was the only one who couldn’t really grow during this show. On the very first episode, where he tells the kids that Robin is “Aunt Robin,” we know that she wasn’t the mother. So the entire relationship Ted had with Robin, their constant break-ups and getting back together we knew was ultimately pointless. And that applied to all his other relationships, including his long relationship with Stella that almost led to marriage. We knew it wouldn’t work, because she wasn’t the mother. But the others could change, from Marshall and Lilly breaking up, then getting back together, getting married, having a baby, buying their first apartment, then first house, then having their first kids. And Barney and Robin getting together, then breaking up, and now finally getting back together for good. They all grew as people, while Ted is pretty much right where he was in the first episode.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s mostly been a great show. But with Season 8 it really started to show its age. And this last season, well, it pretty much sucked. Clearly they couldn’t get the whole cast together for whole season, so they came up with this gimmick of making it all take during one weekend, I dunno, it just hasn’t been working for me. I also think it was a mistake to actually feature “the mother” this season. Especially seeing her and Ted interacting, through “flash forwards,” I feel that’s taken something out of the magic of the first meeting. To me, the show should have never show the mother until the last second of the final episode of the series. That’s how I would have done it, the last second be Ted and the mother saying hello and shaking hands and then the screen goes Black and we hear him say “And THAT is how I met your mother.

Okay, here we go. I’ll resume writing with my thought on the finale after it’s over.


SERIOUSLY?!? Are you effing kidding me? So it’s left open-ended with him and Robin trying to start over again? That was wack. The whole thing was. I kinda liked the scene with Barney and his newborn daughter, because it showed once again what an awesome actor Neil Patrick Harris is, and the “first meeting” of Ted and Tracy under that umbrella was nicely done, but overall this episode was way too serious. I hate when sitcoms get serious. This is not going down as one of the great series finale’s.

What do YOU think?

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