Last summer I added a new friend on Myspace. Her name was CINDY and she was a singer who performed under the name CIN-CITY.


I’ll admit original motivation for adding her was because, well…she was HOT!



We didn’t communicate that much, in comparison to some of my other Myspace friends, but when we did she seemed nice. I wrote to her and gave her a full review of the songs that she had posted on her music page, and she said she appreciated my constructive criticism. And we each left a few comments on each other’s pages.

Then she seemed to disappear. She used to log in every single day, but her last log in was 11/12/08. I’d leave comments, but she had them set to approval, so no new ones were showing on her page. I wondered if she’d just kind of lost interest in Myspace. Heck, I’m not on as much as I used to be, and went almost 3 months without logging in last year.

Well, I had just remembered that she had some photo slideshows up online, which I had checked out before, and she also had a guest-book set-up. And I noticed a couple of new comments saying R.I.P. So I looked her name up online, and came across this story that one of her other friends had posted in his Myspace blog:

Susan Jacobson Sentinel Staff Writer

November 13, 2008

ORLANDO – A 35-year-old woman was killed Wednesday in a crash in Orlando after her Isuzu Axiom passed a pickup on the right and struck two utility poles, police said. The accident happened in the 1300 block of Division Avenue about 8:40 a.m. Cindy Roldan, who lived in Orlando, passed a northbound Chevrolet Silverado driven by James L. Fleming, 51, also of Orlando, as Fleming slowed to make a right turn into Preferred Materials, Orlando police said. The pickup hit the Axiom on the left side, and the Axiom slid across Division Avenue, then hit the poles, investigators said. Roldan, who was not wearing a seat belt, was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

That’s truely horrible. What a tragedy. I can only hope that she didn’t suffer too much, before she passed. My heart goes out to her family, whom I know she was very close to. Especially her mother. That has to be the most unnatural experience for a parent to lose a child.

This just goes to show that none of us are promised tomorrow. And we must make the most of every moment that we have.

Resto En Paz, Amiga.




  1. Oh, man. That sucks. I had her Myspace too. I was wondering what happened to her.
    And I know that one of her aunts had passed a way a few months before that. So this must be doubly hard for her family.


  2. Sad:( I had a tragic year dealing with death and there is no real nurturing words for anyone who loses someone. It’s just truly sad.


  3. Prayer for the Deceased

    Almighty Father, eternal God, hear our prayers for Your daughter Cindy whom You have called from this life to Yourself.

    Grant her light, happiness, and peace. Let her pass in safety through the gates of death, and live forever with all Your saints in the light You promised to Abraham and to all his descendants in faith.

    Guard her from all harm and on that great day of resurrection and reward raise her up with all Your saints.

    Pardon her sins and give her eternal life in Your kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  4. It’s a small thing, I’m sure. But checking out one of those Myspace links, I see that she has a praise for OBAMA on her page. So @ least she lived to see that happen, and was happy about it.



  5. Y’know, I keep going back to her music page, and listening to her songs. I used to have one of them on the playlist on my page. It really is sad that she’s gone. And it’s strange how it’s so sad to me, even though I didn’t really know her. It’s just unreal.


  6. @ Luthor: I know what you mean. I’ve said before that it’s strange how some “online friends” can become just as real to you as “real friends.” And, even though I didn’t know her as well as some others on my list, I was still just in a funk all day yesterday, after I found out. I keep thinking back to comments I left on her page. Since 11/12, I know I’ve left 3. A Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry X-Mas comment. Plus, inbetween, I wrote to her once asking if she was okay, because I’d noticed that she hadn’t logged in to Myspace in awhile. And now it’s said to realize that the reason she hadn’t logged in is because she was dead. Just like that. Man, it’s so sad.


  7. I looked her up online myself, and found another report about her death, which was even sadder. They interviewed a coworker, who said that Cindy was just a few minutes from work when it happened. That just seems to make it worse for me. Thinking about that day, how everything must’ve started off normal. Getting up, logging on to Myspace, going to work, just like every other day. And then…

    But the one small ray of light was that it did say she was pronounced dead at the scene. So, as you hoped, at least it happened real quickly, so I guess that means that there wasn’t much time for her to be scared, or feel any pain. But it also makes you realize how sudden stuff like this can happen.


  8. Hello My name is Omayra and Cindy called me Omi . I met Cindy in 2001 and we have been friends ever since. she was my sister . I miss her so much . She was the greatest person ever! She was so talented , she was a great singer and she had big dreams and is so sad that her life was cut short . I know that she is w/ God . I love you Cindy . I know I would See you again someday .

    Here is a poem that I wrote and dedicated to my sister Cindy .

    As we all knew Cindy. She loved Music and hanging out and she really loved poems. This poem is dedicated to her. I love u mami. We used to talk We used to laugh We were best of friends U was my sister that I never had. We went through thick and thin and through it all we’ve stayed best of friends. You taught me so much Told me exactly what to say U Showed me how the world is. And protected me from the evil that surrounded us. And Negative people who tried to ruin our lives. We smoke trees and bull shit, we played space, U made me laugh when I was down . U didn’t accept some of my boyfriend’s but as a good friend u were to me u still accepted them . We went clubbing together even though I wasn’t feeling going but some how u made the night special and fun! U were there for me in some many ways And I wish u were still with us cause u were the greatest person that anybody would’ve have met. U was a giving person always. U showed mad love to everyone even when some people didn’t deserved it. I wish that u is still w/ us. But someday I know it will Maybe not today But we’ll meet up again It won’t be long until I see your face In Heaven that marvelous day May you rest in peace mami. I love you Cindy Rolan 10/3/1973 to 11/12/2008


    • Hello, Omayra. Thanks for stopping by, & sharing your thoughts. It’s great to hear from someone who actually knew her in person. I really wish I could’ve met her.

      Sorry for your loss. Take care.


  9. Thank you Jr . Thank You so much for creating a website about cindy so we can always remember her . I would also thank the Beautiful people who left comments . Jr would’ve love her . She was a great person inside and out . She used to love to sing and write poetry and funny how she wrote a poetry 1 week before she passed away . How grateful she was w/ her job and family and friends and also how she really appreciated life . Everyday I think about her . I miss her so much . I miss her get togethers . Her food was the bomb! She use to make chicken and steak w/ onions and green peppers and red reppers and rice w/ beans oh my god and her beef empanada it was really good . I’m really close w/ her Mother . Her mother went through allot that year not only w/ Cindy death . But she’s a strong woman . I told her mom about the website that you created . She was happy also . I would like to do a video about Cindy life for her mother . Let me know write me on my myspace . You can find me at cindy page . Let me know



    • You’re very welcome. I know it’s a small gesture but I did hope this blog could help keep her memory alive in some way. That’s why I’d also posted it on my Blogspot site, &
      Myspace page.

      I was able to contact her sister on Myspace, and let her know, & give my condolences to her.

      I’ll definitely hit you up on Myspace next time I log in (I’m purposely staying off it until Monday). Any friend of Cindy’s is a friend of mine.


  10. Hello J.R. LeMar. This is a great gesture for you to do for an online friend.

    And hello Omi. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like she was an amazing person to know. And she was lucky to have a friend like you in her life.




  11. I know I’m very late on this, but I was just browsing through your old blogs, and saw this. My god, what a beautiful woman she was. That’s so sad. Very sweet of you to post this for her.


  12. Cindy I always think of you time from time you will always have a special place in my heart! You were my lover and friend! I miss our times we spent together! Every time I eat White Castle I always think of you. RIP I will see you again sooner or later

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  13. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. I am on a committee for my 25 year class reunion. Cindy and I were very close friends in high school. We spent weekends at each others houses (She lived in Oak Lawn, Illinois), my parents were friends with her parents Juanita & Step-dad John (RIP). In every photo album I have from HS, her picture with me or one of our other friends can be found on every page. So today I posted a picture of Cindy & I on graduation day and someone commented “RIP Cindy Roldan”. I literally flipped out hysterical. I have been searching online for her for years but could never find her. We spent time together the summer we graduated but then I started college and we lost touch. I saw the link to her photo bucket account and looked at her pictures and cried worse. I was happy that she followed her dreams and met all the performing artists that we used to listen and dance to back in the day. But I was so sad knowing that this beautiful soul was no longer here and her life cut short. I saw some posts above that she had released some music. I don’t have a MySpace account anymore and it isn’t the same MySpace I had anyway. Can someone please please tell me how to find her music so I can hear it. I am truly devastated receiving such shocking and sad news about one of my old best friends. I searched for years and now I know where she is. In Heaven. Any info. that you could tell me about her life after me & music would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!
    Stephanie Clark Castillo

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    • Hello Stephanie. I’m sorry that you just heard about this, I’m sure it must be devastating. This is an old post, so yeah some of the original links no longer work. And, of course, Myspace changed. I’ve actually found the new Myspace URL’s for Cindy’s pages, including her music page. If you click on this it has links to 4 songs, the first one, Ay Papi, doesn’t appear to be working, but you can click and play the other three songs:


      • Thank you for answering me back. I am beyond devastated. I feel sick. She was an amazing, fun, crazy friend. One of my best. She just disappeared after high school. I never thought I would find this about her. My heart just hurts.
        Unfortunately, I can’t get the links to work. I’m gonna keep trying though. I’m so glad some of her dreams came true at least. She was always a dreamer. I loved that most about her. Any other links you can give me with information about her, her music would be greatly appreciated. MySpace just won’t cooperate. So any links besides MySpace. Much thanks. Steph


  14. I don’t know where to start as well,

    I met Cindy at taste of Chicago in 92, she was dancer in a group called Latin Soul with Sandi, her no.1 song Promise Me. we dated a lot, she loved to dance, we always went clubbing but since I was from North side we always had complications. I remember going to her house 103rd & Tripp in oak lawn, first time we kissed and made out, I was hardly 16, but I remember that evening very well like it was yesterday. She was working in a gas station where we would spend hours on the phone just listening to her jams. We lost connection after that, I met her again for the last time in 98 in some party in the west side in Humboldt Park. we still had some sparks left but she was with some wrong people at that time. That’s all I remember of her, I will always Love you Cindy, our favorite song was Heavy D “Now that we found love” & “I wanna Sex you up” Color Me Badd.

    Puro & Forever Amor.

    Yours Always,


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