FULL NAME: Juan Ricardo LeMar
BIRTHDATE: August 12
BIRTHPLACE: The City of Lost Angels
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Somewhere in between genius and insanity.
OCCUPATION: Writer, Blogger, Amateur Photographer, Imaginary Starfleet Captain.
HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Astronomy, Astrology, Theology, Cryptozoology, Egyptology, Archeology, Biology, Paleontology, Cardiology, Genealogy, Cosmetology, Ufology, Entomology, Meteorology, Technology, Scientology, & comic-books (I’m just kidding about Scientology).

INTRODUCTION: Howdy folks! I’m J.R., and this is my blog! Welcome! Kick your shoes off, relax, and have a look around. I’m really trying to update this blog on a regular basis, preferably daily, or semi-daily. And if I miss a few days, I try to make it up with multiple entries in one day to catch up. Basically, the plan is that at the end of each month, I hope to have published enough new entries that it averages out to at least one a day (so if it’s a 30-day month there should be at least 30 entries). This is a rather random blog, I don’t focus on any one particular topic, as you can see by checking the list of Categories on the front page. On any given day you’re liable to see a review of some comic-book that I read, or a movie, TV show, or music album, a commentary on some current political issue, or topic in the news, an endorsement of a product that I use, or just a recap of something that happened to me at work that day, or something else. So whichever specific entry brought you here, feel free to check back often to see if something else interests you. 🙂