The above picture is of rapper/producer Yung Berg, current star of “reality” show Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood. An ex of his posted the uncensored version of this picture on Instagram so people could mock the size of his penis.

Last month I wrote about the big celebrity naked picture hacking scandal in NAKED PICTURES, and basically I said that if you’re a celebrity then perhaps you should think twice before taking naked pictures of yourself if you don’t want to public to see them, because that is a greater risk that you’re taking. Except anyone who tries to make that relatively simple suggestion immediately gets shouted down on the internet as “blaming the victims” or “slut-shaming” etc.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for many to see that you can agree that the hacking is wrong, that the people who did the hacking are disgusting and should be arrested, that people have the “right” to take naked pictures of themselves, AND also that it’s probably not a good idea to take naked pictures of yourself if you’re a public figure and don’t want the public to see you naked. Jennifer Lawrence famously responded to her leaked pictures by saying it’s “a sex crime.” I agree. She also said that she took the pictures for her then-boyfriend because they were dating long-distance at the time and “either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”

Uh…NEWSFLASH ladies, if a dude is going to look at porn he’s going to do it whether or not he’s got naked pictures of you available.

Anyway, my point was always that this isn’t about shaming women or telling women how to behave, it’s not even about women or men. It’s about celebrities. My advice to celebrities is the same, whether they’re male or female. That’s why I made the point last time of linking to times that this has happened to male celebrities. Take Yung Berg above. It should be noted that in this case his pictures weren’t hacked and stolen, the woman he sent it to intentionally post his picture online. Now THAT’S definitely a sex crime. That’s straight-out revenge porn. The same thing happened with rapper Joe Budden a couple of years ago. And boxer Roy Jones Jr. had naked pics leaked by an ex (NSFW LINK). And if those aren’t famous-enough celebrities for you, let’s not forget Academy Award winning actor, Jamie Foxx.


He claims he took the picture show the makeup artist that he was working with while filming Miami Vice. Whatever. And there’s plenty of other male stars who do this. Here’s an NSFW link with naked pics of Jude Law, although that wasn’t the internet that was just him being caught by paparazzi, and it also has nude pics of Colin Farrell and Chris Brown.

Again, notice how in many of these instances the public response is to ridicule the men for the size of their penises. I’d say that’s as bad as any slut-shaming that female celebrities get when their nude photos are leaked.

To end this, here’s a well written article by Ashley Feinberg:

How to Keep Photos of Your Naked Body Off the Internet


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