Comments are always welcome. If you have something to say, say it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in response to an old entry from days, weeks, months, or even years ago. I usually don’t close comments on old entries (sometimes I do when I notice an old post getting a ton of spam comments), so you can almost always add a comment to any post.

If you don’t have a WordPress or Gravatar account, you’ll just need to fill in a name (it can be real or a screenname, as long as it’s not obscene), and an email address. You also have the option of adding a link to a webpage, so if you want to add your own blog, or social network profile, you can do that.

I have had to add comment moderation, because too many spam comments were getting through, and during weekdays when I’m at work, and therefor unable to access my blog, it could be hours before I have the option of getting online to remove them, and I don’t want to let them fill up the page. So moderation is a necessary evil. So once you leave a comment it will say “your comment is awaiting moderation,” and as soon as I get a chance I will most likely approve it.

Now, I like to describe this blog as NOT being a democracy. It is an Absolute Dictatorship, although I like to think it’s a benevolent one, with ME in charge.

No one has the “right” to say whatever they want to say here, except me.

If I want to get “the last word” in a debate here, I will. And if I don’t like what someone says, I will not hesitate to simply delete the comment.

For the record, I am totally fine with someone disagreeing with something I wrote, but I have zero time for drama. I don’t waste time getting into online “flame wars”, and I am very good at identifying people who just want to be troll-ish. So, if I post a review of a movie, album, book, graphic novel, or TV show, and you disagree with it. You’re free to post and say that you disagree, and explain why, as long as you’re civil. Example:

“I disagree, J.R., I thought that movie was very funny.”

That’s okay.

But if you post something like:

“You’re a dumb ass, that movie was hilarious, go back to school and learn to get a sense of humor, you moron.”

I’m not going to engage that, I’ll just delete the comment and ignore you. And no sneaky trolling either, ie. posting a civil comment, but the email you entered in the comment form is something like, then I’ll just delete that comment, too.

Life’s too short for drama so, in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, let’s all: