Written by David Weisberg & Douglas Cook
Directed by Bruce Beresford

This film came out in 1999, and I’m reviewing it because Ashley Judd is my favorite actress, and I just re-watched this film on TV.

Judd plays a woman named Libby who is (seemingly) happily married to a man named Nick, and they have a young son named Matty. One weekend Libby and Nick take a trip out on a boat for a little romantic getaway. That night they go to sleep on the yacht, and when Libby wakes up, she is covered in Nick’s blood, and he is missing. The Coast Guard arrive and arrest her for murder, presuming that she killed Nick and tossed his body into the ocean.

Libby is convicted of murder and sent to jail. She leaves her son in the custody of her best friend Angela. Over the years, Angela eventually stops writing back to Libby or returning her calls, and Libby begins to suspect that Nick is still alive and that he and Angela faked his death to get rid of Libby so that they could run off together. A fellow convict points out to Libby that since Libby has already been convicted of killing Nick, if he is alive and Libby were to kill him, she could not be charged with killing Nick again, due to the U.S. law against “double jeopardy” (although that interpretation of the law may not be accurate in real life).

After 6 years in jail, Libby is paroled, and sent to a halfway house for female ex-convicts, run by a man named Travis. Even though she is supposed to be there a couple of years, she ends up running off to track down evidence that Nick is still alive and find out where he is, so she can get her son back, and possibly kill Nick. But now Travis has to go after her, to bring her back to jail.

I don’t want to spoil what happens next, but I really enjoyed this film. Lots of drama and suspense in the story, and the plot keeps moving forward. Great performances all around from the cast, which includes Bruce Greenwood as Nick and Tommy Lee Jones as Travis.


  1. Haven’t seen this one, but I just the other day come across some other film on cable. It was her and Morgan Freeman, and the guy from Passion of The Christ. Caught the last half, that was pretty good.


  2. I love her too! And I love this movie. I’ve read articles on her and she seems incredibly amazing. Her humanitarian work is wonderful as well.


  3. @Omar: That’s “High Crimes.” Her and Morgan Freeman starred in an earlier movie called “Kiss The Girls,” which I liked even better.

    @Karin: Yes, I know she does lots of charity. And she also spoke against Sarah Palin, which gives her extra points in my book. ^_^

    @Joselyn: My favorite actor is Nic Cage.


  4. yeah, I like this movie. It reminded me of “Sleeping With the Enemy”

    At the time this came out I always got Ashley Judd and Angelina Jolie mixed up (Charlize Theron was in that mix too). Hard to believe I could get them confused now. But yeah, Ashley Judd is dope…


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