Let’s scan a few headlines:

Heidi Montag to join ‘Real Housewives’?

Good grief. As bad as The Kardashians are, “Spiedi” is even worse. GO AWAY. Please.

Dallas TV Series – the Remake 2011

I became obsessed with this series when I was 13. My brother was already a fan, and I started watching because of him. Year later when The Nashville Network started airing reruns, I started taping them, and got every single episode on tape. Now I own some of the DVD’s, and plan to eventually get them all. I began calling myself J.R. because of the character J.R. Ewing. The Man You Love To Hate. So, needless to say, you can definitely count me in for this new series. I hope it’s good.

Extension of Patriot Act provisions fails in House

Good! Glad to see some of these Republicans who claim to hate “Big Government” finally practicing what they preach.

New love? Manage those Facebook privacy settings

People make this stuff way more complicated than it needs to be. My profile is open to all my friends. If there’s anything on my profile that I wouldn’t want a specific friend to see, then I don’t add that person to my friend list. My profile is also open to Friends of Friends, since I have made a lot of new friends over the years after interacting with them via other friends’ profile.

Aguilera gets offer for national anthem do-over

Okay, seriously people, just drop it already. She screwed up on the song. It happens to even the most seasoned professionals sometimes. It’s not the end of the world. Move on.

Snow-buried states brace for another blizzard

And, once again, I’m reminded why I live on the sunny West Coast. It’s supposed to be 73 degrees today. I can’t even imagine what those poor folks in those other states are dealing with. I’d never move somewhere where it snows.

That’s a wrap, for now.

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