Y’know, considering how much time I spend on the internet, and have been for the past decade, you’d think I would have more knowledge of electronics. But the truth is I’m a bit of a Luddite. I still haven’t figured out all the details of MY NEW CRACKBERRY. I want to set it on vibrate, but for some reason whenever I get a call or a text, it just flashes a red light. It only vibrates when I get a notification on Facebook, which I would rather not get notices about about at all. It’s ridiculous, when I comment on someone’s status, and then my phone starts buzzing every few seconds each time the next 23 people comment after me. I turned that feature off directly on Facebook years ago, but now I got it on my phone! Plus there’s my brand new, very expensive, camera that my boss gave me 2 months ago for my 10th anniversary with the company. Still haven’t figured out how to properly take pictures with that thing, or how to upload them to my computer afterward (my blackberry has a camera function as well, but I’m not even going to bother trying to learn how to use that). My satellite box went out, so DirecTV sent a technician out to replace it yesterday. He was scheduled to show up between 8am and 12pm. So, naturally, he showed up at 1:30pm. The new box works fine, but now I’ve got this new remote control to figure out how to use and re-program all my favorite channels on this darn thing. Not as easy as it sounds. I need to find some smart 13 year old kid to organize all my electronics for me.

But at least I was able to catch up on Spartacus: Gods of The Arena last night. I’m very impressed with cast member Marisa Ramirez


It’s just a shame that, since this is a prequel series, I already know what will happen to her character.

Well, I had my fingers crossed yesterday and now my favorite athlete Tiger Woods is ONE SHOT BEHIND IN DUBAI. Let’s hope this is a good omen!

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