This is another crossover I would like to see. I think I’d want it to be set during World War II when they’re both relatively new heroes. Plus, that way you can have them fighting Nazis, who are perfect comic-book villains. I’m not sure about the story, perhaps Red Skull has discovered the secret location of Paradise Island and attempts to launch an invasion?

Maybe this could be a two-part crossover? First, Marvel publishes Captain America/Wonder Woman, set in WWII, and then DC publishes Wonder Woman/Captain America, which would be set in modern times, after Cap is revived from suspended animation. And then they can fight some Islamic terrorists together.

For the creative team, I think I’d want either Kurt Busiek or Mark Waid. Busiek is one of the best writers in the business and has written both characters in JLA and Avengers, so I know he could handle it. I don’t know if Waid has ever written Wonder Woman solo, though I know he’s written her in the JLA series, plus his two runs on Captain America were my favorite. For art, I think George Perez would be perfect, maybe Bryan Hitch.


  1. It would be interesting if Steve Rogers was the one who crashed on Paradise Island instead of Steve Trevor. I like the wonder woman that does not fly without her invisible airplane.


    • I go back and forth on the issue of the Invisible Plane. Having grown up watching the original Wonder Woman TV show, starring Linda Carter, I do have fond memories of her invisible plane. It was such an absurd “comic-booky” concept, that part of me wishes it would be brought back. On the other hand, I do like that Wonder Woman can fly on her own in the comics, and cartoons, as I think it helps establish her as a powerhouse, like Superman.


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