From today’s Daily Post

When is it acceptable to kill things? People? Animals? Plants? Ideas? Dreams?

Okay, let’s go down the list:

PEOPLE: When it’s in self-defense, or in defense of another. Or to put that person out of their misery. Yes, I believe in assisted suicide. I can think of a dozen hypothetical situations in which I would rather be dead than continue to live while suffering. If, for example, I’m paralyzed from the neck down, I hope somebody has mercy on me and sticks a pillow over my head or something. I’m not sure how I feel about the Death Penalty. On an intellectual level, I can’t justify it, it’s killing for revenge, basically. But then I hear about someone like Osama Bin Laden getting wacked and I’m like, EFF YEAH! So, whatever.

ANIMALS: Same thing. Self defense, defense of another, or to put it out of it’s misery.

Oh yeah, or to EAT IT.

PLANTS: Well, I guess if they’re bad plants. Like weeds, messing up your garden. Ya gotta kill ’em. And, of course, I know we kill plants all the time to make way for buildings, roads, etc. That’s fine, when it’s necessary. I’m opposed to stuff like wiping out large parts of the rain forests for no good reason, but I’m not tree-hugger or anything.

IDEAS: When they’re stupid ideas.


What do YOU think?

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