Let’s look @ the news.

First Thoughts: Romney’s clear path

I’m beginning to think that, instead of a Mormon, Mitt Romney is actually a Satanist. Because it seems like he must have made a deal with the devil to get him the GOP Presidential nomination. So far, he’s been running the perfect campaign, he has an answer for every single one of his weak spot, meanwhile his opponents are screwing up left and right! The Far Right base of the GOP doesn’t really like him, but then all the so-called Conservative darlings like Bachmann, Gingrich, and Santorum have inexplicably failed to get any steam. Palin didn’t run, and his biggest “moderate” threat, Chris Christie didn’t run either. So he’s left with Cain and Perry who are both imploding! All Mitt has to do is sit back and wait for the first few primaries, and it’s all his. Then he just has to hope that the rest of the GOP voters hate Obama enough that they’re willing to vote for him. We’ll see. ..

Rugby man woke up gay after stroke

Yikes! Note to self: Start working out, eating right, and going to the doctor on a regular basis. I don’t EVER want to have a stroke.

LL Cool J And His Wife Raise $100K For Cancer Research [Photos]

Awesome. I grew up listening to LL. One of the Greatest Rappers Ever.

Kris Jenner admits affair in new book

Please, please, PLEASE go away. Just. Go. Away. I need to stop talking about that family before I make a horrendously inappropriate comment about mass murder.

What Would You Do, If You Were in Joe Paterno’s Shoes?

I have no idea what he truly did or didn’t know. But if I ever had knowledge of someone molesting a kid, I would turn them in IMMEDIATELY.

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