This is the most recent comic-book work by Geoffrey Thorne, whose work I’ve written about before HERE. This is a concept that he co-created with his partner, Todd Harris, who is the artist. Originally published by Ape Entertainment as a 2-issue miniseries, it is collected here into one 96 page trade-paperback.

The lead characters are Pae Mae Jacinto & Byron Lennox who, together, run a company called Jacinto & Lennox Retrievals, which specializes in retrieving lost/stolen objects (for a price). Pae is the brains of the outfit, running the business side, smart & ruthless, while Bryon is the muscle, he is extremely skilled in armed and unarmed combat, though it’s unclear whether his abilities are superhuman or not. The duo are hired by an ancient secret organization of monks, who have guarded the mystical objects called the Egg of First Light for centuries. The Egg is an object of great power, it’s exact nature is unknown, but it is said to be like the mythical Pandora’s Box, capable of destroying the world, and many have gone mad trying to possess it. The monks were invaded by an army of ninjas (though not exactly ninjas) who slaughtered many of the monks, and took off with the Egg, which is why the monks of come to J&L Retrievals to get it back for them. The first meeting isn’t going well, with the monks doubting Pae’s reputation, but when Byron comes crashing through the roof, with a giant robot that he just finished smashing, all doubts are erased, and the mission is on.

From there, we are taken around the world, to several exotic locals, encountering magical beings from another dimension, giant dragons, and lots more ninjas. At one point, Byron gets captured, and the mission seems lost, but Pae will stop at nothing to get her partner back and complete the mission (J&L Retrievals’ motto is that they NEVER break a contract, no matter what). If I had to some up this title it would Indiana Jones Meets The X-Files Meets Moonlighting. Once again, I must praise Thorne’s knack for world-building in his writing. Although this is the first appearance of the duo, it feels like you’re reading the latest adventure of a long-running series that already exists as part of a much larger fictional universe. Yet, at the same time, you don’t feel lost, like you’re missing something. All you need to know about the duo, to enjoy the story, is right there in the book. The interplay between Pae and Byron is a real treat, and I especially like that there’s no stereotypical “sexual tension” between them (that’s what ruined the aforementioned Moonlight, in my opinion), these are two business partners who respect each other, even if they don’t always get along so well.

And I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t give praise to Todd Harris’ artwork in this book. It looks beautiful. He handles all the exotic scenery well, and I like how he draws Pae, as a clearly physically attractive woman without putting her in cheap pin-poses, like far too many comic-book artists do, these days. These two gentlemen have put together a great book here.

Prodigal: Egg of First Light can be purchased on Amazon

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