First, before I say anything else, let me once again reiterate that I do feel fortunate that I have a decent, steady job, unlike far too many people these days, so I know I shouldn’t really complain. But, man, work has been rough the past week.

Starting last Wednesday we had to do our annual inventory, which is just going through the very large warehouse counting and recounting our stuff all day long. From 7am to 7pm. And, yes, that is exactly as boring as it sounds (but at least the company did buy us lunch each day). And because we weren’t doing any shipping those days, that means we need to catch up this week, so it was 7am-7pm again today, desperately trying to ship as much as possible (but at least the day goes by faster when shipping than when counting). and I’m due in tomorrow at 7am again. I know some folks hear that and think, that’s 4 hours of overtime each day, which is nice, but it’s also 4 extra hours of being on my feet.

As I type this I’m resting my feet on my electric foot massager, trying to get some relief before I get into bed. This schedule just isn’t easy for me. I’m not an easy sleeper to begin with, and despite trying my best, I’ve yet to actually make it to work at 7am. Got there at7:13am this morning. It’s just hard for me to get out of bed that early. And it really doesn’t help that it has so frakkin’ cold. It’s been in dropping down to the 30’s!

I know, this is the part where all the folks from the Midwest and East Coast call me a p***y, and talk about how they deal with snow, and storms, and hurricanes, etc., well, fine, I admit, I’m a p***y when it comes to the weather. I know it’s much worse elsewhere, but that’s why I live in sunny Southern California! I was born here, and have no plans to ever leave, primarily because of the weather. For US, out here, this is not normal. And it’s not even raining, or even particularly windy most days, so I am thankful for that, but the air is just so chilled. Especially super-early, when I’m trying to get up. Today, I swear, it was freezing (keep in mind, I work in warehouse) almost all day. It seemed to warm up a little around 3pm, but then got cold again around 5pm. I don’t have insulation in my house, but I have a rather effective heater in my bedroom, that keeps me pretty warm. But I had to get a 2nd smaller heater specifically for my bathroom, because I couldn’t even shave in there without freezing. Even in the shower, the only time I’m actually warm is when I’m directly under the water. So when I’d turn it off, I’d be rushing to try dry off and then run to my bedroom to get warm. So that was no good. The new heater helps, but I was already dreading getting my next electric bill, since I’m sure it’ll be more than double the usual, and this extra heater will just make it worse, but there’s no other option for me. The 10 day forecast doesn’t show much let-up in the cold. I’m just really ready for this to be over. Summer can’t come soon enough, even Spring.

Well, it’s 10:45pm, I’d better get into bed and try to get some sleep for my early morning.


  1. haha…sorry couldn’t help it. Over here on the East side we have had a little bit warmer temps. I too though don’t like the cold. Some wild weather we all are having, warm where it shouldn’t be and cold where it is usually not. Try and stay toasty.


  2. Yeah, mam, I’m sick of this cold weather, too. Been sleeping under two comforters and having the heater on all night. At least it seems to be warming up a little bit the last couple of days.


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