Audrey Landers is an accomplished actor, singer, writer, composer, and producer She is best known to fans all over the world for her memorable role as “Afton Cooper” for eight years on Dallas, her controversial Playboy pictorial (with her clothes on), and hundreds of television gigs in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2013 Audrey will reprise her role as Afton Cooper in the new “Dallas” TV series, see Monday nights on TNT. READ MORE

For more info about the characters that Landers played on the original series DALLAS, Dallas Decoder has a couple of great posts you can read: The Dallas Decoder Guide to Pamela’s Mother, Afton Cooper and The Dal-List: Afton Cooper’s 5 Greatest Hits.

I must say that I enjoyed her all-to-brief reappearance on the show. Out of all the old characters that have been brought back for guest-spots on the new series, she is the only that I feel the writers got right. She was actually written and utilized correctly (unlike Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton, Ted Shackelford, and Joan Van Ark, who were all wasted), and I know that many fans of the series hope that she will be brought back in Season 3. Anyway, just like her character on Dallas, Landers is also a professional singer. So, out of curiosity, I purchased her latest album on iTunes. It’s got 11 songs, all but one of which are written or co-written by Landers.

1/STEAL ME AWAY: A mid-temp, piano-heavy track with an nice chorus. A decent way to start the album.
2/IT TAKES TWO TO FLY: Another mid-temp song, which has a bit of an “1980’s” feel to it, and I mean that in a good way. Sounds like a song Stevie Nicks could do.
3/MONTE CARLO: The beat picks up a bit with this one. The song has a nice Latin flavor to it.
4/COMING THROUGH THE STORM: I think I’d classify this as a “power-ballad”.
5/STILL DREAMS TO DREAM: The beat picks up again, with this semi-rock track.
6/THROUGH THE EYES OF WINTER: Another decent rock power-ballad.
7/ANGELO: A slow-temp song, with Landers singing about a youthful lost-love, with some more Latin flavor.
8/HAND ON MY HEART: A faster track that I enjoyed, she’s got some kind of choir backing her up in the chorus, which really adds a lot to the song. This is probably my favorite song
from the album.
9/IT WAS DESTINY: A very strong ballad. My 2nd favorite song on the album.
10/LET ME DOWN GENTLY Another piano-heavy ballad.
11/MOCKINGBIRD LULLABYE Yep, it’s THAT classic lullaby. She sings it over a piano-track. It’s pretty cute.

The download also includes a digital booklet that include the original music-sheets of each song.

Overall, it’s a decent album. Landers knows how to write songs that fit her voice perfectly. I enjoyed it.

In addition to being available on iTunes, you can also purchase the MP3’s or the physical CD (if you’re one of those luddites who still like physical CD’s) on AMAZON


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