Newark Mayor Cory Booker officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate at a news conference in New Jersey on Saturday. Booker, 44, will run to fill the seat vacated by the death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died on Monday of viral pneumonia. “Democracy is not a spectator sport,” Booker said at the event. “Now as much as at any time we must bring people together, we must get actually into the complicated, difficult, messy arena and take on the difficult challenges.” The Democratic primary will be held in August, and Representatives Frank Pallone and Rush Holt are also expected to enter. READ MORE

I’ve had my eye on this bloke for a long time. Even before Barack Obama, whom I never thought could get elected, came along, I was thinking of Booker as a potential President someday. He certainly appears to have most of the right background for it. Well-to-do parents (both IBM executives), an excellent education (Stanford, Yale, and a Rhodes Scholar @ Oxford) and a lifelong record of putting his money where his mouth is, so to speak. In school he was doing volunteer work, like running a crisis hotline for poor students, and a free legal clinic for poor people, and joined the Big Brothers organization. When he got elected to Newark’s city council, he would purposely live in a motor home that he parked in high crime neighborhoods, to draw attention to the violence that residences have to face everyday. Heck, the man’s mission to reduce crime were obviously so impactful that The Bloods were going to try to assassinate him! So he must be doing something right…

And he’s been a pro-active mayor. He doesn’t just sit in his office and make speeches, this man takes it to the streets. Rescuing a woman from a burning house, helping shovel snow from an old man’s driveway, and inviting people to come stay with him, because they didn’t have power, during Hurricane Sandy. Not to mention his official duties in office, like cutting his own salary (twice!) and cutting over $107 million from Newark’s deficit. That’s what I call results.

The only time I kinda looked sideways @ him was when he did this thing where he purposely spent a week last December living off food stamps. Only eating what he could afford with $30. I tend to believe that his heart was in the right place, that he wanted to shine a public spotlight on what poor people go through. But it still felt a little publicity stunt-like for my tastes, but that’s just me.

Anyway, if he wins a Senate seat, and does as well there as he has in the Mayor’s office, then who knows what could be next? I could definitely see him as a Presidential candidate someday. Like Obama, he is highly educated and, through I hate to bring this up but it is a factor, very light-skinned (so he’s not “too Black” for some White voters), and @ least no one can question what country he was born in. 🙂 But he does need to get married. To a Black woman. And having @ least one kid wouldn’t hurt, either, if he wants to be President. But first things first, he needs to win this special election.

Good luck, Mr. Mayor!


  1. hmm…Yeah, I see the possibility as well. I mean everything he has done has been to lead a pathway to higher office. Hopefully his sexuality will not be a focus of any campaign he decides on.


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