Okay, just popped in three Acetaminophen PM pills, which should kick in about an hour from now. I’ll need to take a shower before bed, let’s see what random thoughts I can jot down first. It’s been an odd past week and a half. The summertime heat really kicked in last Monday. It started getting near the 90s, and it always feels at least 5 degrees hotter inside the warehouse where I work than it is outside (except during the fall and winter, of course, when it’s much colder inside than it is outside). So I had to go to Target and buy some new shorts. I don’t really like exposing my pale High-Yellow legs to the world but, I have to keep cool however I can. We got July 4th off, which I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, but getting random mid-week days off is always kind of annoying. Going to work Mon-Wed., then getting Thursday off, just to come back to work on Friday, and then be off again. And then going back to work on Friday, my coworker was out, and it was a very busy day, so I had to practically work nonstop just to keep up.

Then I wasted my whole weekend. Did absolutely nothing. I don’t know what happened, but I slept in until 11am on Saturday, and that set the stage for the rest of the weekend. I had plenty of writing that I needed to do, but just totally wasted my time. I hate when I do that. Then the good luck continued. I ordered some special pens from Vista Print, where I uploaded my blog logo for “” on it. These things are $4.99 each, but they look great. I had one I was using and kept it in my back pocket like I always do. But I got home from work and the pen had broke. Wanting to try to keep the ink stain from setting in my shorts (even though they’re black shorts, so no one would even notice anyway) I quickly take them off and toss them in the washing machine. When they were finished and I took them out I realized that I’d forgotten to take my cash and my cards out of my pockets. Duh. So I hung the bills on my shower curtain overnight, to let them dry off. My plastic cards were all okay, just had to drive off, but I ruined my vehicle registration card, so I need to order a new one of those. But then later that night I did find an extra $20 bill under my bed, so at least that was some good news.

And then this morning I woke up to the sound of rain outside my window. I’m in Southern California, specifically LOS ANGELES. It’s not supposed to be raining in July!. As I said, it was 90 degrees just last week, and now we got rain?!? It’s crazy. Basically, it rained a little, not heavy, it was done by the time I was ready to leave, and then it was mostly cloudy all day. During my breaks at work, I began writing a new blog post about Elvis. I sometimes write blog posts at work when I have time. What I do is write them in email, and then send the message to my personal email, so that when I get home I can copy and paste it onto my blog (I don’t have the internet on my work computer). But I forget to send the email before I left, which is why I haven’t published that one tonight. I was going to try to rewrite it from memory but didn’t feel like it.

Well, that’s all for now. Shower time, then sleep. Here’s a song called Into The Wild, by a band called Gossip. It played near the end of Mistresses Episode 5, during the scene where Joss was deciding to go see Alex. I love it.

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