Hillary Clinton has been all over the news in recent months, despite not actually doing anything herself. But many Republicans are upset at the idea that NBC and CNN are planning to produce films about her. Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus demanded that NBC & CNN cancel their films, and when they refused, the GOP voted to have the GOP Presidential candidates boycott the networks in the next Presidential election cycle. The whole thing seems overblown to me, as all it’s doing right now is giving these films, which haven’t been made yet, even more publicity, thereby ensuring an even greater audience when they air. And I believe the effect of such a movie is negligible. I find it hard to believe that anyone who wouldn’t be inclined to vote for Hillary Clinton IF she runs for President again is going to change their minds based on a TV movie. And that’s assuming that either movie is going to be some kind of puff piece, which glamorizes her, which is what the GOP seems to think it will be. If these films going to document her whole life, including the criticism she got when Bill Clinton first ran for President, which continued the entire 8 years he was in office, this might do more harm to her image than good. Does Hillary Clinton really want a movie reminding everyone of Whitewater, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky, 16 years after that was all supposed to be behind her?

But this just goes to show how much the Far Right hates and fears Hillary Clinton and the possibility of her becoming President. That’s what the Benghazi “scandal” is really all about, it’s not about President Barack Hussein Obama, he’s a lame duck now anyway, it’s about finding something, ANYTHING, which can be used against Hillary Clinton in 2016 since this happened while she was Secretary of State. And this all stems from the conventional wisdom that a Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign and then victory is inevitable. Except, may I remind you that this is the same conventional wisdom that everyone had in 2008?

Right now, Hillary Clinton appears to be the presumptive Democratic nominee for 2016. No one else is really being talked about as a potential candidate. Vice President Biden’s name pops up now and then, but I’m not sure how serious that is. I remember after his performance in the Vice Presidential debate against Paul Ryan in 2011 I saw a bunch of folks on my Facebook list praising Biden, and saying he “deserves” the Presidency next. If he were to run, it would be a nightmare for President Barack Hussein Obama, because how could he not endorse his own Vice President? But then having to campaign against Hillary Clinton again would also be impossible for him. And Biden knows this. As much as I believe he wants to be President, I think he knows it’s best if he sits this out if Clinton runs.

However, on the GOP side, it’s currently wide open. There are at least a dozen potential candidates, from Chris Christie to Mark Rubio, to Rand Paul, and several others. Even Donald Trump is making noise about a possible run (not that he ever will actually do it, he just likes the publicity he gets from hinting about it). And I think that’s what’s making the GOP leadership even more nervous about Hillary Clinton. They know if she cruises through an easy primary season, while the GOP candidates spend months fighting, that will make their eventual nominee weaker when the time comes from the general election. That’s essentially what happened last time, with Mitt Romney.

However, as I was discussing on Facebook not too long ago, I’d caution against the assumption that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in 2016. As I always say, the only thing predictable about politics is that politics is unpredictable. Things can change in the proverbial blink of an eye. I remember when President George H.W. Bush was considered unbeatable. In the immediate aftermath of the Persian Gulf War his approval ratings were through the roof, like 80-90%, IIRC. As the 1992 campaign got started, the top potential Democratic candidates at the time, like John D. Rockefeller IV and Mario Cuomo refused to run. Conventional wisdom was that it was a lost cause. But then we see how that turned out. Then in 1994, after the GOP swept the Congress and the Senate, Bill Clinton was considered done, he was over, going to be a one-term President, sure to be replaced in 1996. And nobody could have predicted what happened in 2000 with Bush vs. Gore. And, on paper, John Kerry was almost the perfect candidate to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004, being an actual war hero, but he didn’t.

And that brings us back to Hillary Clinton. As I said, the “inevitability” of her candidacy was also assumed in 2008. Many, including me, thought she was a lock. As the race was gearing up in 2007, if you’d asked me how it would turn out, I thought for sure that 2008 would end up being Hillary Clinton vs. Rudy Giuliani. But Giuliani flamed out early in the GOP primaries, and Clinton got beat by Barack Hussein Obama, whom many people, including me, never thought had a chance. And I believe the same thing could happen again. There could easily be some other person, someone no one is even thinking about today, who ends up challenging Clinton for the Democratic nomination and beating her. For all of her accomplishments, I think Clinton’s main selling points are that Democrats have fond memories of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, and that she would be the first female President. But is that enough?

The Bill Clinton nostalgia had a better chance of working for Hillary Clinton in 2008. But it was the younger voters who propelled Barack Hussein Obama to victory. These younger voters who were just kids when Bill Clinton was in office don’t have those nostalgic feelings for the Clintons. And that applies to all the new voters coming of age since then. The kids who will be turning 18 in 2016, and voting for the first time, will have been 2 years old when Bill Clinton left office. So Hillary can’t count on those voters automatically flocking to her just because of who she is. So that just leaves her with the possibility of being the first female President, which can be a strong motivator for many people, but what if some younger and more dynamic female politician comes along and challenges her?

And, frankly, I hope that happens. I do NOT want Hillary Clinton to ever be President. I never trusted her. She seems like she just wants power for power’s sake. Plus she’ll be 69 in 2016, we don’t need more old people in office. I don’t want anyone over 55 in the White House from now on.

Just my opinion.

What do YOU think?

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