In 1997, a year after reuniting with New Edition, for their album Home Again, Bobby had once again left the group, and then released his 4th solo album on MCA Records, titled FOREVER. For this album, Bobby handled the majority of songwriting and production himself. Unfortunately, I don’t think he was ready for that type of creative freedom and responsibility. Out of the 10 songs on this album, I only really enjoy 3 of them. The title track FOREVER and SHE’S ALL I NEED are a couple of nice slow jams, and HEART AND SOUL is a nice mid-tempo track.

There’s also the opening song on the album, IT’S STILL MY THANG, which is alright. But, other than that, there’s nothing really memorable here. The one and only single from this album was FEELIN’ INSIDE, which I just wasn’t feelin’ at all. MY PLACE, BEEN AROUND THE WORLD, and SUNDAY AFTERNOON are three more slow jams, that don’t have any emotion in them, and GIVE IT UP and HAPPY DAYS likewise fall flat.

I remember waiting for a new Bobby Brown solo album for a long time, and being greatly disappointed when this came out. Giving it another listen after all these years does nothing to change that initial impression.



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