BLIND CORNERS by Jemir Johnson

Written by Jemir Johnson
Drawn by Luis Sierra and Winston Blakely
Published by Creative Elamentz Studios

This comic-book stars Jemir Johnson’s seminal character Jay Nova, a tough female Private Investigator who has a secret power to read minds. And while you’d think that would be an extremely useful ability in that line of work, it also has the unfortunate side-effect of causing her massive pain, therefor she only tries to use it as a last resort. There are 4 short stories in this book, the first three illustrated by Luis Sierra and the fourth and final story is illustrated by Winston Blakely.

This 14-page story has Jay being hired by billionaire to track down his illegitimate daughter. In addition to Jay, we’re introduced to her partner, Randy Michaels in this story, which opens with a bang, literally, as Jay has to dodge a drive-by shooting. It would appear that mister wealthy corporate executive didn’t tell Jay everything about this case, and there’s more to his missing daughter than meets the eye. This is an action-packed story that includes some interesting “twists” before it’s over.

This 20-page story has Jay and Randy going up against a drug cartel to rescue a kidnapped young boy. More action here, and we get a glimpse of Jay’s bad ass martial arts skills.

This 22-page story is about sex, drugs, and violence (which is what makes it so compelling). Hired by a client, a wealthy woman who owns a record label, and seemingly has it all. But when she becomes a target for assassination, we learn about her sordid past, and how it is not coming back to haunt her. This is my favorite story in the book.

Another 14-page story. Sex, lies, and videotape. A mob bosses son gets robbed, and a videotape with some compromising actions on it is stolen, Jay and Randy are hired to find the thieves and recover the tape.

After that, this comic includes a “Pin-Up Collection”, 18 different drawings of Jay, Randy, and other characters. Like I said, Down The Line is my favorite, but I enjoyed each story. Johnson is a master of suspense and action, and I like the dialog and interplay between Jay and Randy. These are characters that I could easily see translated to the big screen. The writing itself would get an A, from me. But as the for the art, both Sierra and Blakely do fine jobs, although the art did look a little rushed, the inks seemed to be a bit heavy at times. I should point out that comic is all in black and white. Also there’s a formatting issue. I read this on my ipad, and each page is small, so I have to enlarge each page to read it, and then shrink it back to normal so I can swipe to the next page, then enlarge that, and so on. It’s still good enough for me to recommend, with an overall grade of:

Blind Corners

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