Written by Mark Millar
Drawn by Frank Quitely
Published by Image Comics

Previously: Jupiter’s Legacy #1

We open with Brandon and some of his superfriends trying to “help” a cruise ship get across the ocean faster, even though it’s clear that the Captain doesn’t actually need or want their help. But since Brandon and his friends are all drunk they almost cause a huge disaster, which is only averted at the last minute by the arrival of The Utopian, who saves the day and then proceeds to rip into Brandon for his recklessness.

Chloe is in the hospital, recovering from her overdose, and is informed that she is also pregnant. The father of her baby is Hutch, described as the son of “the biggest supervillain of all time,” whom she’d been secretly seeing for some time. She goes to meet up with him, just as he’s in some dive bar, meeting with a couple of henchmen who try to take him to someone he owes money to for drugs, but Hutch’s power seems to be the ability to teleport people anywhere in the world, including into “shark-infested waters.” Then Hutch and Chloe go to a motel in Santa Monica to have sex, after which she prepares to tell him about her pregnancy.

Walter is holding a meeting in the White House, revealing his plans to fix the global economy. Utopian barges in and demands that Walter, who was invited by the President to pitch his ideas, give up and leave this all alone. The brothers argue, but Utopian insists that this sort of thing isn’t the place for superheroes to get involved in and that they must let normal humans guide their own destiny. Angered at his dismissal, Walter tracks down Brandon, who’s at another club drinking heavily again and encourages him to finally take a stand against his father.

So it’s another decent issue. Once again Frank Quitely does an excellent job on the artwork. I have to say though that The Utopian really does come over as arrogant here. It’s never clear exactly why he’s so adamant against Walter getting directly involved in the political system, even when Walter was asked to do so. He does come off as old-fashioned and unnecessarily rigid, not even willing to consider any alternatives, despite it being made clear that America is in trouble. It’s not hard to believe why Walter and Brandon would be angry enough to conspire against him. I’m intrigued enough to see where this goes.

Jupiter’s Legacy #2

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