Ramon A. Ortiz (left), 57, and Carlos Alicea-Antonetti, 36, in Camden County Superior Court to be arraigned on murder charges in the death of Fatima Perez.

CAMDEN, NJ — A New Jersey woman was buried alive in a shallow grave by her landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy a new car, police said Thursday as he and another man were arraigned on murder charges. Fatima Perez was reported missing Monday evening, the same day she left her Camden home to buy the car. The body of the 41-year-old woman was found Wednesday in Monroe Township, about 20 miles away. Perez’s mouth and eyes were covered with duct tape before she was buried, authorities said. An autopsy determined she died of asphyxiation. Landscaper Carlos Alicea-Antonetti, of Camden, and one of his employees, Ramon Ortiz of Pennsauken, told investigators they buried her alive, according to authorities. Perez had previously employed Alicea-Antonetti. Both men applied for public defenders at their arraignment, at which they were ordered held on $5 million bail each.

I could barely believe this when I first read of this crime. I’m a pretty morbid fellow, always have been. As such I think about death far more often that a healthy person probably should. Specifically I think about the worst ways to die. And being buried alive HAS to be the worst way. I get chills just thinking about what that poor woman went through.

Y’know, I’m generally not a big fan of the death penalty. First, on principle, the idea of We kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong, just doesn’t feel right to me. And the premise that the death penalty serves as a deterrence to crime has pretty much been proven wrong. And the fact that man people that have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to death have later been proven innocent, should be enough to make any fair person seriously reconsider the death penalty. The chance for an error is simply too great, in my opinion. At the very least, it should be reserved for the most henious murders, and ones were there is ZERO doubt as to the perpetrator’s guilt. Not beyond a reasonable doubt, but no doubt at all.

So this case seems to fit the criteria. This animals admit doing it, they were caught with the money they stole from her, and they buried the woman alive. Yeah, kill them. Kill them both.


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