Hello Ladies. Look at your man. Now look at this blog. Now back at your man. Now back to this blog.

Just kidding. I noticed I haven’t done a product review in awhile, so here’s a new one. I have always had dry skin. I wish I knew how much money I’ve spent on lotion during my lifetime. For the past couple of months I’ve been using this body wash in the shower. I just picked up a bottle at random one day while shopping at Target. I’ve used regular Old Spice body wash before (as well as Axe body wash, and Target’s no-name body wash), but hadn’t tried this before. Now I’ve been using it ever since. This stuff lathers up real nice, smells good, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

So if you’re man with dry skin, I highly recommend that you give Old Spice Dry Skin Defense Live War Body Wash a try. It works for ME.


What do YOU think?

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