August 2014: A Look Back


Okay, so looking back on my blogging activities for the last month, it’s definitely a bit of a drop from July. But I posted 31 new blogs, which equals one new post a day (although technically the first post was my review of July, which probably doesn’t count, but whatever), so I’m happy with that.


Altogether I got a total of 10,052 views, average 324 a day. The biggest day was Saturday August 23rd, the day I published my post about The Latest Taylor Swift “Controversy” (which I have to say is the post that I am most proud of for that month), plus three comic-book reviews for Storm #2, Sensation Comics #1 and 2, and Savage Dragon #197, although the most-viewed post for that day was actually my review for Let’s Be Cops which was published the night before. My biggest post overall for the month of August was my review of Superman #34, with 941 views. So that’s why I review comic-books, it gets the hits.


I’m up to 491 blog followers. I haven’t kept track of how many new were from this month. But, once again, I appreciate each and every one of them! Now let’s get on with September…


      • It was not entirely too hot where I live. It has been a hot month though in the music business. In fact, I just found out that CD sales have plummeted in the music business. I will post the article up soon.


      • I’m in L.A. I work in a warehouse. It always feels at least 5 degrees higher outside than it is inside (except during the winter, when it somehow feels colder on the inside…I’m not sure how that works), so it’s been pretty darn hot. Some days in the afternoon I sweat so much I can’t even wear my glasses, they fall off my face.


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