Not So Fast(ing)


I just finished eating pizza. That in and of itself isn’t so unusual for my day off (Happy Labor Day, y’all), it just that I was trying to Fast today. Couldn’t do it. Made it to around 3:30pm, but then the hunger got too much, and I just had to eat something. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve Fasted, I used to do it semi-regularly. Not for any type of religious or spiritual reasons it’s just something that I used to do once awhile, sort of as a test of discipline and I kind of looked at it as a cleansing ritual.


So I would Fast for one day, and it usually wasn’t has hard as you’d think it would be. I would drink a lot, specially flavored drinks like orange juice, sodas, fruit punch, just plain old water wasn’t enough, and I’d be fine. I’d do it during the week so I’d be at work and would be busy and that would help keep my mind off of eating. Weekends were too hard, since most of the time I’d just be at home all day, so I’d feel the hunger more. Sometimes I’d also do it for 2 days. The longest I ever did was 5 and a half days. Monday through Saturday. It started off just planning to do one day, but then the next day I decided to Fast again. And I was still feeling fine at the end of the second day so I thought “Let me try to do it a third day in a row” and that was easier than I expected so it to be, so then it became a matter of me wanting to test myself and see how long I could do it. Thursday and Friday were harder, I was definitely feeling a little dizzy and weak by the end of Friday. But then I felt a little better when I woke up that Saturday so I skipped breakfast, but by the afternoon I needed to eat, so I did. Still it was an interesting experience. Without getting too graphic, let me just say that I was surprised that I continued to need to use the bathroom for…y’know, “number two”. That Friday morning, I still had to go. Not much came out, but I was like, dang, what the heck was still in me after all this time?!?

Anyway, I decided to try again today, even though I was home all day, so I knew it would be tough. But I also I know that the rest of the week is probably going to be really busy for me at work, since we only have 4 days plus I know my co-shipper is off on Friday, so if it’s busy it will be all on me. And it’s going to be hot and so I doubt I’ll have the energy to Fast. So I figured I’d try it today, but just couldn’t do it. It’s been too long, I’m out of practice. I’ll report back when I try again and succeed.

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