ODESSA (the E.P.)


Over 15 months after I first posted it on July 6th 2013, my post “MOUNTAINS” by Odessa Rose (aka That song from Karen’s last scene on “Mistresses” episode 5) remains not only my highest viewed post EVER on this blog (15,783 views, as of yesterday) and continues to get new hits regularly (462 views in the past week), often being my Top Post of the day. You can read the original link to get the story of how I first discovered the song, now called “I WILL BE THERE”, which was unreleased at the time, and how views increased again back in January when it was featured in a Subaru commercial. And the recent interest seems to have stemmed from the song being played on this TV show Red Band Society, which premiered last Wednesday.

Now I’ve discovered that Odessa has just released this self-titled EP on Republic Records which features I WILL BE THERE, plus 3 new songs.

This is it, the song that started it all. When first played during one of the last scenes on the 5th episode of Mistresses season 1 it seemed to make an instant connection with many people, including myself. A slow and rather haunting melody dominated by drums and piano plays as Odessa earnestly sings somewhat simple lyrics that nonetheless strike a chord in your heart.

If you ever need someone to cry to. If you ever need someone to hold you. I will be there, standing by your side.
If you ever need someone to just love you If you ever need someone to simply adore you. I will be there, standing by your side.

Who doesn’t want someone who will be there for you like that?

This is another mellow song, with her singing about her ideal man (with a guitar in his hands) and why they’ll be right for each other. He’s all I want, he’s all I need, he’s everything in between. It almost as a bit of a Country feel to it, and it works. After listening to it my first thought was, I really hope she finds that man she’s looking for.

Run baby, run baby, run baby, run. Run from the one who you know that you love.
This song is a little more uptempo, I really love the melody on this one. The first half is Odessa singing softly over what sounds like bongos, and it’s very effective. Then her voice and the music builds to a crescendo with more instruments, including piano, guitar and I think violin added to the background.

Another midtempo song with an optimistic message, a call to arms if you will, encouraging to speak out for what’s right (Do you want to have a voice? Do you want to make noise?). She could probably stand to be a little more specific about exactly what we should be speaking out about, but I still enjoy the melody.

If you love I Will Be There, you can be assured that the three new songs are all just as good. They’re all short, but sweet (My Match is the longest as 4:38 minutes), showcasing Odessa’s…hypnotic…voice (that’s the best word I can think of to describe it) and her infectious melodies. You will love this and definitely be wanting more.


The EP is available on iTunes for just $3.96!


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