Actor Spotlight: Jesse Metcalfe


Jesse Metcalfe is a 35 year old actor. I first noticed him in 2004 when the TV show Desperate Housewives began. He had a supporting role as John, a 17 year old gardener who worked for married couple Carlos and Gabrielle Solis and was secretly having an affair with Gabrielle, who was played by Eva Longoria. Metcalfe and Longoria melted the screen in multiple love scenes throughout the first season.

The fact that this was a grown woman having sex with an underage male (it was revealed that she seduced him and took his virginity when he was 16) didn’t seem to bother many viewers or critics. Like I said, there’s definitely a double-standard for this sort of thing…but I digress…

He continued to appear on the show in Season 2, and made one appearance in Season 3. I stopped watching the show near the end of that season, but I hear that he reappeared in Season 4 and then again in Season 6. But the next I saw him act was in the 2006 teen comedy John Tucker Must Die, where he played a teenager playboy whose 3 ex-girlfriends team up to try to ruin his life, often with humorous results.

Okay, so no one was winning any Oscar’s for this film, but I thought it was a fun light-hearted little comedy.

But the big break as far as I was concerned is in 2011 when he was cast in TNT’s revival of Dallas, playing Christopher Ewing, son of Patrick Duffy’s character Bobby Ewing.


As the show began Christopher was engaged to the seemingly nice Rebecca (played by Julie Gonzalo) but still had feelings for his childhood sweetheart Elena (played by Jordana Brewster).

Tough choice.

Much like I’ve said before about Julie Gonzalo and Josh Henderson, while I wasn’t always happy with the writing on the show, I never fault the actors. Metcalfe always did the best he could with the material he was given, but his character started to suffer the most in Season 2, as they reunited Christopher with Elena, therefor they didn’t have much drama and they seemed boring in comparison to new couple John Ross and Pamela. Plus the show seemed determined to keep Christopher locked in the role of “good guy”, while other characters got to be more two-dimensional. It got worse in Season 3 as the show’s main premise switched focus. Season 1 began with the main focus being on The Next Generation of the Ewings, with Christopher and John Ross continuing the family conflicts that their fathers had in the original series, but then after Larry Hagman (R.I.P.) died during Season 2, in Season 3 the show then became more about the Old vs. New Generation, with Bobby and John Ross doing the fighting. And while I appreciated the increased role of Patrick Duffy (who is a phenomenal actor himself), this kind of pushed Christopher to the background. While the rest of the family were involved in major storylines they had Christopher get involved in a whirlwind romance with a woman named Heather, a young single mother who was working as a ranch-hand on Southfork.


And while Metcalfe and his new co-star AnnaLynne McCord, who played Heather, had good chemistry onscreen, the storyline didn’t go anywhere. Halfway through the season they just had Heather get back with her ex-husband and move way. So what was the point? Christopher just kind of floundered around for the rest of the season until in the “shocking” season finale (SPOILER ALERT!) they killed him!

That was a mistake. Metcalfe could act, and his character was too important. They should have just given him better scenes and stories. But this was a cheap ploy to boost ratings, which didn’t work and then TNT canceled the show anyway.

Well, Dallas may be done, but I know Metcalfe isn’t. He’s got the looks of a movie star, now he just needs the right roles to get him there.

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