Another Louisiana Teacher/Student Sex Scandal


Yep, I’m still keeping track of the original threesome story. Shelley Dufresne, 32, was due in court last Thursday for the separate charge of having sex with the then-16 year old student by herself at here home. Her lawyer had the hearing rescheduled for November 25th. She and Rachel Respess, 24, are currently still due in Court for hearing about the case where they are charged together for having sex with the student. More as this story develops.

But thanks to Cliffsofdover123 of the Welcome To The Music Club blog I have been alerted to a new case of a 32 year old teacher, this one in New Orleans, having had what appears to be consensual sex with a 16 year old student. Except this time there’s no “Wink wink, where where teachers like that when I was in High School?!?” talk. Why? Because this time instead of a hot blonde White woman, the teacher is a big Black man.


This is Dominic Lewis, he’s 32 years old. He was arrested Thursday on two felony counts, carnal knowledge of a juvenile, Louisiana’s statutory rape charge, and indecent behavior. I don’t have as many details as the first case, but according to another article, he and a 16 year old female student had sex twice, and her parents found out after seeing in the girl’s phone that she had been exchanging naughty texts with the teacher. Which suggests to me that she was enjoying the situation, just like the boy who was with Dufresne and Respess did. But that doesn’t matter, the man is RIGHTLY being arrested and should go to jail, just like the ladies.

But it is interesting how when the roles are reversed we get an entirely different reaction. That’s what I said in my first post that even I am not immune to the double-standards of thought. Although I know on an intellectual level that it is just as wrong whether the adult teacher is male or female I do have a different visceral reaction when I hear about it. With a man its easy for me to just think he’s a horny pervert who couldn’t keep it in his pants, but when it’s a woman I think what’s wrong with her? It is harder to believe that a grown woman could be that tempted by a teenager. So I start wondering if there’s something else going on, is she mentally unstable? Was she abused a child? And it goes back to what I said about how society views female sexuality differently.

Well, I’ll keep an eye on this case too. I have a feeling that Lewis is going to end up getting a much harsher sentence than Dufresne and Respess end up getting (I’m still betting on a plea deal for the women).


    • Howdy!

      I’ve tried to keep track of this case, I even have a Google alert set for “Dominic Lewis”, but I’m just not seeing any new info on it since last October, so I don’t know what’s happened.


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