In December I Will Not Blog A Lot


Okay, I caught up, mostly with a bunch of late comic-book reviews this weekend. This post right here now makes 30 posts for the month of November, which had 30 days. So for the 6th month in a row I’ve reached my goal of posting at least one post for every day of the month. So…


However, I’m giving advance notice that this will not be the case in December. I have some other writing that I need to work on, which means that I will not have time to update this blog as often as I’d like. I only have so many hours in the day, so something has to give. And for at least the next month it will be this blog. Let me be clear, there WILL be updates, just not on any type of regular schedule. Just whenever the moods hits me and won’t go away and therefor I have to write something. I’ll still be able to check the blogs I’m following and read and comment on those, but since I have been on such a roll these last 6 months I didn’t want any of my regular followers to get the impression that I was quitting if they see several days, or over a week, without any new posts here. It’s just temporary. Regular posting shall resume in January 2015.



What do YOU think?

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