Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes #2

Written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Drawn by Rachael Stott
Published by IDW Publishing with Boom! Studios

PREVIOUSLY: Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes #1

Okay, you know I like to keep spoilers to a minimum, but I guess it’s no surprise for me to say that the Enterprise survived being ambushed by the Klingon ships and the end of the previous issue, and made it through the special wormhole to parallel universe/timeline of the Planet of The Apes. Kirk and crew land on what they believe to be another future Earth and are understandably surprised when they’re attacked by talking apes. They manage to get away, but not before also encountering some local humans, and they are also surprised by their mute and primitive state. Along the way we learn that the Klingon mastermind of this adventure is KOR, whom fans of Star Trek TOS will recognize, and his ally is the Gorilla general BRUTUS.

Back on the Enterprise Spock makes some hypothesis’ about the nature of this Earth, and how its timeline came to be. There is some internal debate about how much the Enterprise is allowed to interfere. They don’t like seeing humans treated likes slaves or pets, but are they allowed to do anything about it? Does the Prime Directive apply in this universe? Kirk decides to err on the side of caution, their only goal is to find out what the Klingons are up to here and stop it, but not do anything else to disturb the natural order of this timeline. A new crew member is introduced, a female identified as Lt. Weaver from the Biological Sciences division on the ship. Bones recommends her because of her expertise about apes (saying “I’m a doctor, not a zoologist.”). She joins Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Chekov as they beam back down to Earth.

Again, I don’t want to spoil too much, but I suppose the very cover of this issue which I’ve posted above gives away what happens next. Apparently, the events of this issue take place very soon after the ending of the original Planet of The Apes film, as the crew beams down to the beach where they can see the remains of the destroyed Statue of Liberty. They notice a trail of human footprints and horse hoof-prints in the sand, and follow them until they catch up to the one and only George Taylor and his female companion Nova. After a brief misunderstanding, Kirk explains to Taylor who they are, where they come from, and what they’re here for. Taylor sneaks them back to the Ape city so they can find Cornelius and Zira, who explain to them that the military has been acting more aggressive lately, and they suspect that the gorillas are plotting a coup. Kirk wants to find out why the Klingons are behind this, so they can put a stop to it. But Taylor wants Kirk to use his superior technology to overthrow the apes entirely and liberate the humans from subjugation. But Kirk explains that that would be breaking their Prime Directive. And if you’ve seen the classic movie (and why would you be reading this comic, and this review, if you haven’t?), then you know that Taylor doesn’t take “no” for an answer so easily. . .

Another riveting cliffhanger to what is turning out to be a surprisingly entertaining crossover. Once again the Tipton brothers have effortlessly captured the personalities of the various characters, not just the Star Trek, but also Taylor and his friends. And Stott’s artwork is also very good here. Much like Kirk and company, her George Taylor is instantly recognizable as younger Charles Heston. This is a 5-issue miniseries, so there are 3 more issues to go. And if you aren’t reading it yet, I highly recommend jumping on board now.


Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes #2

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