Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Tales From Neverland #1

Story by Joe Brusha
Written by Linda Ly and Raven Gregory
Drawn by Judit Tondora and Antonio Bifulco
Colored by Roland Pilcz and Miguel Garrido
Published by Zenescope Entertainment

Several years ago Zenescope published this miniseries which is similar in town to their ongoing Grimm Fairy Tales title, except instead of classic fairy tales this features updated takes on the characters from J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan novel. And like the stories in that series, these adventures get told with more horror-based tone than the classics.

The lead story hear is about Tinkerbell. She is on the run in Neverland, being hunted by other fairies. Eventually she is captured and brought before the fairy Queen, where Tinkerbell stands accused of leading the Queen’s only daughter to her death at the hands of some pretty terrifying mermaids. Through flashback scenes we learn the truth about what happened, but it doesn’t not save Tinkerbell from her ultimate punishment.

This issue is going to have to get a split-grade from me. I enjoyed this story, it’s primarily narrated by Tinkerbell’s inner-monolog, which gives us some dramatic insight into her feelings. There’s fear she feels as she’s being hunted and the sadness about her role in the princess’ death and her final fate. Writers Linda Ly and Raven Gregory make a formidable writing team on this story, building the suspense from the beginning right up to the dramatic climax (which features a surprise appearance by a familiar character). So for story, this books gets a high recommendation.

But unfortunately I cannot say the same for the artwork. Two artists are credited, Judit Tondora and Antonio Bifulco, and I don’t know who drew which pages. There are two distinct and noticeable art-styles but, really, neither one of them very good. Just scatchy and amateurish. That does drive the overall quality of this issue down. It’s a shame, as Ly and Gregory’s script deserved better illustration than this.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Tales From Neverland #1

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