This issue was released in September 2006 via Rob Liefeld’s latest imprint (co-founded with Jimmy Jay), Arcade Comics. This was meant to be the kickoff of a new storyline featuring Supreme, apparently in an attempt to reconcile and/or merge the original Supreme with the Alan Moore version of Supreme. It featured two stories, and was published as a flip-book with two covers. First is an 11-page story written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Jon Malin. This story has Supreme (the Alan Moore version) taking on truly horrific new villain. It’s hard to describe, but it’s some kind of cult leader, involved in human sacrifice and Supreme, in order to stop him, is forced to kill him and his followers (who are naked). This Supreme is not used to facing these types of threats and is shaken up by the experience. But when he retreats to his Citadel afterwards he discovers that things are unfamiliar to him, and the story ends with a cosmic shot of two Earth’s colliding…

The flip-story in this issue is an 8-page story written and drawn by Rob Liefeld, and it stars SUPREMA (in her new Bloodsport costume):

She’s just flying along in the sky, minding her own business (while captions reveal her origin), until she suddenly finds herself confronted by several alternate versions of herself and Supreme.


After a brief scuffle, one of the alternate Suprema’s announces that some kind of battle has occurred in The Supremacy and tells Suprema “Stand with us Suprema, or perish!” The final caption says: What will the Maid of Majesty decide? Will she submit or be destroyed? Stay tuned for part 3 of SUPREME SACRIFICE!

I remember being quite excited at the time to see what was coming next, as I had recently become a fan of Robert Kirkman’s writing, and was really curious to see what he could do with Supreme. Unfortunately, the continuation never came to pass (a sad trend among Rob Liefeld’s indie projects). Still, I consider this a worthwhile addition for your Supreme collection.


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