The Hudlin Manifesto: 10 Things Black People Need To Do Now

Reginald Hudlin is a film and TV director, screenwriter, comic-book writer, and former President of Black Entertainment Television. He posted this on his website, and I thought it was worth linking to here:

When I was a child, the poster listing the Black Panther’s 10-point program seemed to be everywhere. You may have disagreed with their goals or thought they were not realistic, but at least there was an action list that people could respond to. This was not a new idea. Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubois have done similar agendas.

So why am I attempting it? I know I am not nearly the best qualified person to do this. But no one else is doing it. So I figured I would kick off the conversation, in a “from little acorns, mighty trees grow” kind of way.