The Movement #12

Written by Gail Simone
Drawn by Freddie Williams II
Published by DC Comics


Well, this is it, the final issue of this all-too-brief series. Thankfully, Gail Simone must have been given enough advance notice about this cancellation as she ties up all plot threads without leaving any loose ends. So re-reading all 12 issues in a row it feels like it was a planned 12-issue series from the beginning. Nevertheless, I can’t help but imagine the potential of this series if it could have continued.

This final issue is marked by two events. A clandestine meeting between Virtue and Captain Meers, where the two discuss what’s happened since the first issue, and we learn Virtue’s full origin, as well as of a surprising connection between the two of them. And James Cannon, consumed with quilt, comes to The Movement to ask them to help him take down his son, the Cornea Killer, which they reluctantly agree to.

There’s not much more I can say here, at this point you’re either interested in picking up this series or you’re not. And if you have, then already know how good this series is/was. I’ll just say that it ends on a very hopeful note. When Captain Meers asks Virtue what the purpose of the Movement is, the answer can just as easily be Gail Simone’s answer of what she was attempting to do with this series.


To me, this book and these character were exactly the kind of new blood that the mainstream comic-book industry needs. Unfortunately, the audience just wasn’t quite ready yet, but maybe someday books like this, with a truly diverse cast, with be the norm not the exception.



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