Halloween Man #10

Created and written by Drew Edwards
Edited by Russell Hillman
Published by Sugar Skull Media

Drawn by Luchito Inzunza, Colored by Harry Saxon
This 24-page story features a cameo from Chucky! Well, okay, he’s not actually referred to that by name, but it’s pretty clear whom he’s supposed to be. And that’s funny enough, but it’s just the beginning. Lucy and Solomon get word of some trouble in a neighboring town of Crawford, Texas. Lucy had a storage facility there, leaving some of her experimental equipment and it exploded, now the town’s gone quiet. So Lucy and Solomon hop into her flying saucer to get there, where they find the place overrun by…cannibal gnomes who look a little like George W. Bush.


And their leader is a Satyr, who also looks like George W. Bush. He’s from an alternate dimension and this is all part of some grand scheme to take over ours. Of course, Solomon and Lucy can’t let that happen…

This is another entertaining story. I love the way Drew Edwards throws out these wild and insane concepts but they’re all played straight, as if this is just another day in the life of Solomon and his companions. This is what makes Halloween Man a cut above your average “superhero” (or horror) comic-book. New artist Luchito Inzunza takes over with this story and does a very fine job.

This story is graded A

As a bonus, this issue includes an 18-page story written and drawn by Sergio Calvet, the former regular artist for Halloween Man, of his own original creator-owned title SKYJACK AND THE FORTY THIEVES, which is also pretty good.

Also included in this 52-page issue, is pin-up by Sergio Calvert of the main Halloween Man cast, and three horror movies reviews written by Drew Edwards. At $1.99, this title is always a good deal, which I highly recommend.


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