Doan’s Backache Pain Relief Caplets, Extra Strength


I discovered this product a few years ago. I’d woken up with some back pain (I’m older than I look), and it stuck with me for awhile, but ibuprofen just wasn’t cutting it for me. So I looked up backache pills on Amazon and found these. The product had a bunch of good reviews, so I ordered it. And it works pretty well.

Just today I had some back pain, I noticed it yesterday, I think because I was at home sitting and slouching a lot this weekend. I thought I could stretch out the pain and make it through work, but by 11am it was still there. Thankfully I had a pack of these pills at work, so I took them, and soon the pain went away.

To be clear, the instructions on the box are to take two pills at a time, no more than once every 6 hours, and warns against taking 8 or more pills in a 24 hour period. I’m a big guy (around 6’2″, 225 lbs.), so like with most non-prescription pills I take a little more to be effective. I took 4 Doan’s pills and my back pain become noticeably better within an hour, and was gone soon after that. i didn’t take any more today.

So this stuff works for me, and therefor I recommend to others. Get them on AMAZON, and WALGREENS and other select retail stores.

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