Jacked 2
Written by EriC Kripke
Drawn by John Higgins
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo

Picking up from the first issue, Josh wakes up the next morning wondering about what happened the day before. He tries calling the creator of Jacked to ask about the pills, but we see that man being arrested by the police. Josh is hesitant about taking Jacked again, not sure about possible dangers or side-effects. But then he gives into temptation and take another one to test it out. This time it seems to effect him quicker, as he notices his senses, like hearing, increase. He gets on a bowflex in his house and finds himself more energetic than ever. He goes back to the local batting cages and hits non-stop home runs, impressing his son who now thinks Josh is a real life superhero. And that night Josh bangs his wife for over 45 minutes, in the best sex they’ve ever had. He feels like a new man, and the next morning heads out for another job interview that he’s sure he’s going to get.

But as he leaves he decides to confront his next door neighbors, Damon and Jessica, about their constantly barking dog whom they leave outside (something he was too meek to really do before). He bursts in on Damon abusing Jessica and, in another rush of adrenaline, Josh ends up up brutally beating Damon (and the dog), leaving him clinging to life. Jessica then demands that Damon quickly leave before anyone finds out he was there. At this point it is revealed that Damon is (was?) a dangerous man, and now Josh may have put himself (and his family) in grave danger.

Another exciting issue. Once again, I must credit Kripke for the way he presents Josh as a relate-able “everyman.” You can understand his initial reluctance to take Jacked again, as well as why he ultimately gave in. This is a man who just wants to get his life back to normal. And even though he can see that Damon was a bad guy, Josh still feels bad for what he did to him.

With the extra violence in this issue, it give Higgens a chance to stretch his skills a little more, as the panels seem to come to life under his pen. I also like the fact that, so far, he doesn’t over do it when he draws Josh. While the pills give him extra energy and strength, he’s still still an average looking guy. He doesn’t suddenly become all ripped and muscular, he’s still the somewhat chubby schlub from before, he just feels better inside.

I’m reviewing this series one issue at a time, instead of just all at once, but I’m hoping this convinces any fans who are on the fence that they will enjoy it and to pick it up. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to start. A+


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