STEALTH Vol. 1 The Life And Times Of Allen White Preview

Written by Robert Jeffrey II
Drawn by Jamar Logan
Published by Studio EFX

This is issue is meant to be a preview of a larger upcoming Original Graphic Novel featuring the superhero STEALTH, who was created by William Satterwhite. For this issue, Satterwhite has enlisted writer Robert Jeffrey II (whose work I’ve covered before), with the goal of fleshing out his character and giving him a proper origin.

This issue has 13-pages of story. A young woman get accosted in an alley by three gang members. Stealth arrives on the scene and, despite being out-numbered (and one of the gangsters has a gun), easily dispatches the criminals with what appears to be superhuman agility, speed, and fighting skills. After warning the lady to pay more attention to her surroundings in the future, Stealth exits. He leaps across rooftops until he reaches the local cemetery to visit the grave of his brother, who was a police officer. At the grave, he expresses his own self-doubts about what he is doing, but nevertheless resolving to fight on.

So it’s a short story, but Jeffrey packs quite a bit into it. Stealth is clearly a superhero in the traditional Spider-Man mode, who does what he does because it’s right, and that’s all (“with great power”…yadda yadda yadda). The goal of this story is to entice readers to want to read more about Stealth, and that is accomplished here.

The artist on this book is Jamar Logan, who mostly does a good job. He’s got an animated style that really fits the tone of the story. He’s just as adept at drawing the fight scene in the alley as he is drawing the character-moments in the cemetery. My only complaint would be the appearance of the woman who is the would-be victim in the story. Perhaps there was a mis-communication between him and the script as it was written, but even though she’s referred to as a grad school student, and thus an adult, she looks more like a grade school student, a little kid. It’s odd.

In addition to the sequential art, this preview includes three color pin-ups of Stealth, one by Shawn Alleyne & Blair Smith, one by Kristopher Mosby, and one by Mshindo Kuumba. Altogether it’s a nice package, which you can get digitally for just .99 cents. So do yourself a favor and GET THIS.


STEALTH Vol. 1 The Life And Times Of Allen White Preview

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