Written by Eric Kripke
Drawn by John Higgins
Published by DC Comics/Vertigo


This is it, the final issue, and it goes out with a bang, although I don’t mean that literally (or do I?). Now, I can’t say too much, as I want to avoid major spoilers. But as per last issue’s cliffhanger, after taking out Damon and most of Ray’s henchmen, then torching the place to make it look like a massive mob-hit, Josh finds out the Ray is has tracked down Josh’s wife and children and is holding them hostage, demanding that Josh show up with more Jacked pills. Unfortunately, Dr. Asher is out of his stash and it would take him days to make more, and the last ones that Josh took have worn off, so he’s completely powerless and going through withdrawal. So what does Josh do? He can’t call the cops. Jessica, whom we learn a LOT more about this issue, is still out for blood and wants to go in guns blazing. But Josh’s doesn’t want to do anything to put his family in further harms way.

Again, I don’t want to give away the ending, but let me just say that writer Eric Kripke comes out with quite a clever solution for Josh. And he brings this series to a most satisfying conclusion. This is a book I feel very comfortable recommending. Yes, it’s a Vertigo title, so be aware that this is not for children, as violence, sexual content and foul language abounds throughout the series, but it never once feels cheap or exploitative. Those things just add to the “real world” vibe of this book. In particular, I am impressed with how Josh is portrayed, he is a very easily identifiable character, and therefor a perfect protagonist for the audience to relate to. There were times when I was actually worried for Josh (a fictional character) while reading this book. And that’s the sign of great writing. Along with John Higgin’s stellar artwork, Jacked has proven to be one of the best comic-books that I have read in years.



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