Written by Drew Edwards
Drawn by John Sowder
Edited by Russell Hillman
Published by Sugar Skull Media


Just a week after the previous issue, we get a new one! That’s the good news. The bad news is that the main story does not continue from last issue’s opening story, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, which took place in a mostly utopian future, where Solomon was long-dead and Lucy was now a green-skinned superhero (who could fly!). Much was alluded to about the path that lead up to this future (including Solomon’s role in creating it), and I was eager to learn more. Despite ending on a cliffhanger, there is no part two here.

This issue’s main story is “AMERICAN NIGHTMARE” PART 1. When Lucy hears someone in Houston has been abducting and killing homeless men, in bizarre rituals that involves cutting out there hearts, she convinces Solomon that this is something that they should check out. Taking Ron the Man-Goat with them (despite him still being down from the breakup that he experienced and talked about last issue), the three fly to Houston to investigate. Our three heroes quickly find themselves smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy involving satanists, robots, and politics.

I know it’s not saying much but, story-wise, it is very good. I just can’t really say much more without spoiling anything. But it’s got drama, action, and reads more like a horror story, which is something that this series doesn’t do enough (for a book with “Halloween” in the title), but is something writer Drew Edwards usually excels in. It’s 26-pages long and ends on a cliffhanger, which I hope will be continued next issue.

However, the problem comes with the art. John Sowder’s artwork just isn’t my cup of tea. I wasn’t impressed with his work in the short story he did last issue and, frankly, it’s even worse here. His style is kind of scratchy, and his faces are ugly. It’s not so bad that it completely inhibits my enjoyment of the writing, but it sure didn’t help.

This issue includes a couple of pin-ups from Evan Quiring (who would have been a much better choice to draw the main story), one showing Solomon socking Donald Trump in the jaw, in a parody of the cover of the first issue of Captain America, and sci-fi themed image of Lucy fighting aliens in outer space.

Bottom line: if you’re a Halloween Man fan, buy this issue for the writing, not the art.


One comment

  1. I almost feel bad that everyone liked Halloween Woman so much, because she is dead and her entire time line is gone. But we will follow up on that story, just not the way you might think.


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