If You Could Pick The Way You Die, What Would You Choose?

This is another one to answer: peacefully, in my sleep. DUH.

Yeah, just go to sleep like normal one night and then, at some point in the middle of the night while I’m still in a deep sleep, my heart just simply stops…

Although there is another part of me that kinda hopes I could go out in some big spectacular way, in a real Blaze of Glory. Like, let me die saving someone else’s life. But, y’know, it has to be someone worth saving. Like a baby, or little kid. Or an old person. Either way, preferably a female. That’s it, I wanna die saving some woman or little girl’s life. So I can be remembered a hero.

Like say a little girl is crossing a street when I see a car speeding towards her and I quickly run and push her out of the way and get hit by the car myself. But I want the car to hit me with a lot of force, so that I die instantly. Because I am still a big wuss, so the most important thing is that I want my death to be quick and painless. That above all else.


What do YOU think?

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