Do You Believe in GHOSTS?

I asked this question on my a Facebook page last month and was slightly surprised at the number of friends who said yes. I also asked some coworkers and got several affirmative answers. But I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised. Statistically, most people believe in some sort of religion, which includes the belief that humans have souls. So if you believe that we have souls, aka “spirits”, that continue to exist after our death, I guess it’s not a huge leap to then believe that some of those spirits might still be around, possibly interacting with the living, for whatever reason.

Personally I’m not a believer in the paranormal or supernatural. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced any such thing. Yet some of the stories I’ve heard, from people that I personally know and respect, are hard to dismiss. Like, my brother owns a home in another state, which he visits several times a month. He thinks there’s a ghost watching over the house. He swears he’s heard footsteps and even his name being called out, when he’s been alone there.

Okay now that I can just say, well, he’s probably hearing things. You’re alone in a house at night, you hear sounds, and youri magination runs wild.

But another friend told me a story of how when he was a young boy, one night he woke up in the middle of the night and he thought he heard something in his backyard. So he got out of his bed and looked out of his bedroom window and he says he saw his grandmother standing there. She waved at him and then walked away. He then ran into his parents bedroom and excitingly woke them up, telling him that grandma was in their backyard. His parents dismissed him, and told him it must have been a dream that he needed to back to bed, and just then the phone rang. It was my friend’s grandfather, calling to tell them all that his wife, the grandmother, had passed away earlier that night. <cue spooky music>

Now how the heck can I explain that?!?

Answer, I can’t. So I don’t know what to think. I still can’t bring myself to really believe unless and until I see some evidence for myself. But perhaps there is more to this life, and afterlife, than what we think?


What do YOU think?

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