Not cool. Totally not cool.

For the record, I have been a fan of Kathy Griffin for years. I mean, not a super-hardcore fan or anything. But back when it was on, I’d catch an episode of her TV show My Life On The D-List now and then back in the day, and I’ve enjoyed some of her stand-up routines. And I’m all for comedians pushing the edge. But this was crossing the line.

Hey, believe me, I’m not a Donald Trump fan, either. But I’ll go back to something that I wrote the last time we had a President whom I did not approve of:


Back then I was motivated by the same belief that I have now, which is that, as Americans, we must have a certain amount of respect for the Office Of The President Of The United States, and the person who holds that office. Regardless of whether or not we voted for or support that current office-holder. As such, implying or wishing death upon The President is not cool. Ever. Period. End of story.

Admittedly, President Trump pushes my resolve on that principle far harder than I ever imagined possible, but I stick to it. This was wrong.

And, really, I’m amazed that this even happened. Ultimately, she gets to make her own choices, but did no one in her corner warn her off about this? Did anyone (her manager, her agent, her friends, the photographer, the photographer’s assistant, the make-up artist for that photo-shoot, the custom-designer, etc.) at any point bring up any objections about this to her before she went through with it? Did no one really try to talk her out of this, or did they and she just ignored them and do it anyway?

That’s the kind of thing I wonder when I see crap like this.

What do YOU think?

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