One Million or One Hundred Million?

This is a tough one for me. First, lets assume that either way, it’s after taxes. Now, all logical thought says, go for the 50/50 chance of getting the $100 million.

$100 million is not just life-altering, it’s practically destiny-altering. It would give me a life of luxury and solve pretty much any problem I have, or could face. I don’t know even know what I’d do first with all of that money.

Still, there’s that 50% chance that I won’t get it. I’ve never been a gambler. Seriously, I’ve never even bought a single lottery ticket. I’ve been to Las Vegas twice, for weddings, the first time I think I played a slot machine like 3 times and then gave up after not winning anything. I don’t trust my “luck.” And I think knowing that I was so close to getting $100 million, but got nothing, would just kill me.

On the other hand, $1 million right now, absolutely guaranteed?

That could also drastically alter my life. See, I know that in the grand scheme of things $1 million actually isn’t all that much. So I wouldn’t go nuts trying to buy some mansion or fancy car or whatever. I would just continue to live my life pretty much as I do know, with some slight upgrades. I’d break that down to a budget of $50,000 a year, which is more than I make now, and that would last me 20 years! I could quit my job and just focus my life on writing.

Finally finish writing all the books I’ve been working on forever, now. Not only just my prose novels, but I might even hire some artists and colorists and self-publish some comic-books of my own orginal superheroes (many of whom you see HERE, for those who haven’t noticed my other blog).

And that gives me 20 years to make it, before I’d need to start worrying about earning money again. If I haven’t by then, then that means I just suck, and I deserve to be old and broke at that point.

Shoot, even if I wanted to upgrade my lifestyle a little more, so I could do some splurging, a self-budget of $100k a year would still give 10 years to write without worrying about bills.

So, yeah, that’s my choice. Just give me the one million now.


What do YOU think?

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