The WORST Thing, So Far, About The Trump Presidency Is. . .

…that it’s actually starting to make me nostalgic for this guy:

Seriously. This is the stage we’re in. This is how far the Republican Party has fallen, with Trump in office. Whatever else you may think of George W. Bush, I bet he would not had a problem condemning Roseanne Bar’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett. He would have said yes, that’s wrong and offensive, end of story. I mean, it’s pretty cut and dry, it should be easy for anyone to call this out and cut ties with Roseanne. But no, our current President would rather try to make this about himself, and play the victim, over an unrelated incident. And “Conservatives” across the net are tripping all over themselves trying to find ways to change the subject, with but what about this, or that, or this other thing?!?

I can’t even be angry about it, it’s just sad.


What do YOU think?

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