Brigitte Nielsen reveals she is pregnant at age 54

Brigitte Nielsen has announced she is expecting a baby with husband Mattia Dessi at the age of 54. This will be the Danish actress’s fifth child, but her first with her current husband, who she married in 2006. READ MORE

Alright, time for me to be my judgmental, intolerant self. Some of you might think it’s wrong for me to be judging someone else’s personal life, but I am (and it’s not like she gives a darn what I think anyway). I honestly just think that this is wrong.

I guess I should make it clear, as this particular article doesn’t mention it, but, Nielsen’s pregnancy is a result of Invitro Fertilization. So once again we have someone who could not get pregnant naturally, in this case due to her age, going through extraordinary medical procedures in order to have a biological child.

In my opinion, she’s just too darn old for this. Having a baby at 54? She’ll be 72 when he or she graduates high school. Is this really in the best interest of this child, or just about her and her husband (who is 39) just selfishly wanting to procreate? If this was about wanting to care for a child, then why not adoption or foster parenthood? Or even just various mentoring programs? There are plenty of children out there who have no parents to care for them, and could use a decent home, or just some responsible adults in their lives, but some people are so focused on having their own child, even when they’ve already had some (Nielsen has 5 adult children).

As I’ve noted before, people often accuse people like me who don’t want children, of being “selfish,” but I think people like this are the ones really being selfish.

Now I’m not talking about young women who want to have kids, I do understand that the biological urge to procreate is natural. And I do think it’s good that science and medicine are advances to the point that it can help those who have difficulties conceiving overcome them. But I do think that there are certain points where it should be accepted that it’s not meant to be for you. And that includes if you wait until a much older age, such as Nielsen is. Or like in the case I wrote before about the 60 year old woman who wanted to give birth to her daughter’s children. This should not be happening. And all these celebrity women giving birth so late, can give false hopes to regular woman about how “easy” it is to do so, making them think they can just wait too.

In my opinion, this is a disturbing trend that needs to stop.

What do YOU think?

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