How NOT To Promote Yourself On Social Media, PART 2

I just came across this in my filtered inbox on Facebook. It’s a prime example of the type of thing I was just writing about it in THIS POST. I don’t know this fellow, we are not connected on Facebook or any other social media. And just out of the blue he sends me this message asking me to back some Indiegogo campaign of his? No previous contact. He didn’t even send me a friend request. Just this message.

Thinking of how he even found me. I did recently back some other project on Indiegogo. I can only assume that maybe he looked at that project and saw my name as a backer and decided to hit me up because of that?

He clearly doesn’t know me, or else he’d know that I’m not into video games (the other project I backed was a comic-book), so this just isn’t the type of campaign I’d be likely to support even if it was by a good friend of mine. But the fact that I don’t know him, and this is how he approached me, makes it so that even if it was something I was interested in, I wouldn’t want to support or promote him anyway.

Although, I guess, technically, by sharing this message here, I am spreading the word, like he wanted…

Whatever. Feel free to click on the above image and it will take you to his Indiegogo page. Currently it doesn’t appear to be doing too well (and if his message to me is typical of how he promotes it to others, I’m not surprised), but I don’t wish him ill. I’m just saying, again, these type of tactics are not the proper way to promote yourself or your work online. So don’t follow this fellow’s example.

What do YOU think?

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