“BODY OF WORK” by Stormi Maya

This is Stormi Maya Alvarado, known professionally as just Stormi Maya. She is a self-described
“Pro-Black/Feminist/Vegan/Artist/Musician/Director/Writer/Actor” whom I just discovered back in November. I’ll admit that I was immediately entranced by her stunning good-looks (I mean, come on, DAMN), but from following her on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube it’s also clear that she’s one smart lady.

All that and she can rap! Last week she released a 5-song E.P. called Body of Work.

Produced by Donald Robinson Cole/Megadon this E.P. is unique in that it is a Concept album, something you don’t see a lot of in rap music’s history. The title refers to the fact that each song references a specific part of the human body, and that while that may sound gimmicky, it’s clever in the way that Stormi has a specifc message in each song, addressing issues like cyberbullying and female empowerment.

The E.P. opens with the track CONSCIOUS COOCHIE, in which she proudly declares herself a woman who embraces her sexuality but you need to stimulate her brain if you want to get with her. As she raps “I got that conscious coochie/ mentally and physically, please seduce me.”

FAKE ASS TITTIES is the 2nd track. In this one she addresses the people who make negative assumptions agbout her because of her looks, which incluces her fake breasts. “If you curious I’ll tell you that I got em cause I wanted ’em/And I flaunt ’em when I wanna cause you don’t know shit about ’em/no I don’t hate myself/or have insecurities, or lack wealth.”

THICK SKIN is the song that directly tackles cyberbullying, as she lets women know that for better or worse in this social media age you will get haters and criticism, but you just can’t let that get to you. “Who the fuck cares, who the fuck are they/don’t let that shit weigh on your mind all day/I see girls dying over cyber bullies/keyboard warriors are real pussies.”

MOUTH DO is the lead single from this E.P., Here Stormi flips the script on men who only see her as sex object but most men can’t handle a woman like her who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. “You know what my mouth do, it’s full of ammo/ toxic like tobacco, hot like Tabasco/Niggas is so shallow, I guess that’s the motto/wanna get inside the mouth of an Instagram model”

You can see the video for this song HERE

And the final song on this E.P. is APHRO PUFF, my personal favorite. She tackles the issues of racism, colorism and sexism she defiantly proclaims “I rock out with afro puffs/with my fist held high cuz I’m BLACK AS FUCK!” She even manages to give shout-outs to Barack Obama and Colin Kaepernick on the track.

And the best thing about this E.P. is that while the lyricas are meaningful, Megadon supplies her with banging beats that can get you on the dancefloor, or at least keep you bobbing your head while you listen to it. With her witty wordplay and infectous flow I think this E.P is already an instant classic. It’s Old School Hip-Hop with New School flavor. I think the Nikki’s and Cardi’s of the industry better watch out. There’s a new Queen in town.

You can purchase BODY OF WORK by Stormi Maya on BANDCAMP, AMAZON, ITUNES or stream it on SPOTIFY.

What do YOU think?

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